The Swarm (2021) on Netflix is not exactly what I expected, and after letting it soak in my brain for a few days, I still feel disconnected from what I saw. It’s about a woman and her two children, who are recovering from the loss of the father/husband. She, for whatever reason, begins raising locusts.

The Swarm movie posterMany elements of the movie are family drama with strangeness looming. She’s decided to pack up the kids and move away because the locusts aren’t laying eggs, and in a fit of rage, she takes out her frustration on the insects. This is one of the best parts of The Swarm, and if it hadn’t happened, I was ready to shut it off.

Discovering what made the locusts thrive was gross, and what she did after that didn’t make sense. I didn’t understand how she decided to move from one food source to another. And there was a bit that I absolutely hated, but it fits with her evolving to the next meal for the bugs.

I am genuinely baffled about this movie. I didn’t dislike the Swarm. It just left me shaking my head, wondering why. I’m not going to say not to watch it because it had some great skin-crawling fun, though not really enough.

3.5 Stars

I gave The Swarm 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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