The Shed (2019) starts out very strong with a man being stalked in the woods by a Vampire (and not a pretty, sparkly one either, thank the celluloid gods), then after the introduction, I found myself in Stan’s depressing reality.

The ShedI wasn’t sure how long the teenage drama and unhappy life of Stan was going to last, but I was bolted to my seat, hoping that I’d get back to the Shed soon. I enjoyed how they teased with what was inside and how it was ignored for a bit like it didn’t matter. Stan’s dreams are intense even before it came to hide on his grandfather’s farm, waiting for darkness so it could escape.

Sheriff Dorney reminds me of the Sheriff we had when I was a kid, though mine was male, but still the same kind of personality. Dommer, Stan’s best friend, wants revenge on the school bullies when he finds out about what’s inside the Shed, but Stan doesn’t want to do it.

The gore level is average but compelling when it happens and for a low budget film, I was impressed. The acting was OK, I’ve seen worse and it didn’t hinder the movie in any way.

4 Stars

If you’re looking for a different kind of Vampire film, watch The Shed. I give it 4 out of 5 Stars.

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