The Redwood Massacre (2014) made me nervous when I started watching it, as so many horror films do in this millennia, and being on Amazon Prime; it was a total crapshoot. As the movie progressed, I knew I was in store for a bloodbath, and in a good way.

redwoodmassacre_pThere’s so much blood, almost to the point of being comical. The killer’s origin story was slightly different from the normal, but still similar to the great slasher stalker films that I tend to enjoy more because I don’t have to think. And several times, I found myself telling the characters not to do something.

Apparently, it’s based on a “Horrifying True Story,” though I didn’t find anything of substance confirming the claim with a quick internet search. To be honest, I didn’t really care. Oh wait, wasn’t that what AHS 1984 was based on?

4 Stars

The Redwood Massacre is one of those stereotypical slasher/splatterpunk films, but I loved it and gave it 4 out of 5 Stars.

The Redwood Massacre did a great job bring the slasher genre back to life. Click To Tweet

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