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The Prowler (1981) starts with a flashback to the World War II era with a couple getting impaled by a pitchfork by an unknown killer while on lover’s lane. Due to this event, the Graduation Dance has been canceled for forty years. 

The best part of this film is that I didn’t have to wait for the stabby-stabby to begin. The downside, but since it’s a slasher, it’s expected, is that nothing was out of the ordinary. The gore and the chases and the suspense had all been done in Friday the Thirteenth I (1980) & II (1981) and My Bloody Valentine (1981), making me wonder if this was a knock-off. The unmasking of the killer was fun, at least. The scene was intense and exciting. Then it ended with a hallucination. 

3.5 Stars

No matter what I said above, The Prowler is an excellent slasher with tons of great jump scares and gore. I gave it 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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