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The Long Night (2022) is not exactly what I expected, though I don’t know what I expected since I barely remember adding it to my watch list. It’s about Grace and Jack who go to the countryside to meet with a man to learn about Grace’s family. When they arrive, he’s not there, but she knows where the key is and opens the door. After wandering around the house looking for him without luck, except coming upon a nasty smell in a room, they decide to stay the night, hoping he’ll return. Of course, they don’t investigate the scent, which is somewhat weird. It’s also strange that they don’t smell it anywhere else in the house.

Enter the craziness of a group of pagans circling the house. As things escalated, it became clear, to me, what was happening because of the flashbacks and the reveals that came a little too soon. But I didn’t care. I was totally into watching the chilling events that unfolded as the movie progressed. Leading to the ending that was over the top even for me, but whatever, it was still good.

4 Stars

I enjoyed The Long Night and gave it 4 out of 5 Stars.

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