The Last Wrong Turn by Amy Cross #Horror #Story Review

The Last Wrong Turn by Amy Cross isn’t much different from the film franchise Wrong Turn, however, there is a weird supernatural twist that I’m suspecting was explained in the previous story (I didn’t know existed until I searched Amy), Perfect Little Monsters; maybe, not. To be honest, I’m not running out to read it based on my experience from this one.

The Last Wrong Turn coverThe thing that bothered me the most about The Last Wrong Turn was the use of first-person present tense because it wasn’t just one character, it was all of them. Yes, the story is separated into sections for a character’s point of view but it was still confusing and I’ve never been a fan of that style.

I expected more horror/terror, based on the cover alone, but I was sadly disappointed. The tagline “If you’re out late at night and you see her face, it’s already too late.” is quite misleading too, but intriguing enough for me to grab a copy. Most of the story involves Penny trying to find the farm again to save her son, which happens.

There are some good parts of the story when it’s at the farm and gore is a go, other than that, it’s on the boring side.

2 Stars

I not going to dissuade you from reading this, just be aware that it’s not as scary as I expected. I give it 2 out of 5 stars.

About The Last Wrong Turn

If you’re out late at night and you see her face, it’s already too late.

Lost on a rural English road, Penny and her husband are involved in a sudden, violent car crash. Waking up tied to a metal table in a remote farmhouse, Penny quickly discovers that she’s the latest victim of a strange, deadly family. But Penny is different to all the family’s other victims, because she just happens to be eight-and-a-half months pregnant…

Fighting not only for her own life, but also for the life of her unborn child, Penny desperately tries to escape. When she comes face to face with the mysterious Enda, however, she quickly learns that getting away from the farmhouse might not be enough. Soon, Penny finds herself locked in a desperate struggle to keep her baby from becoming not just a victim of the farm, but one of its new occupants.

Last Wrong Turn is the story of a woman who desperately tries to save her child from a horrific fate. Contains adult language and scenes of violence.

About Amy Cross

Amy Cross is the author of more than 100 horror, paranormal and fantasy novels. Her books include Asylum, The Farm, The Bride of Ashbyrn House and The Haunting of Blackwych Grange. She has also written three collections of horror short stories, titled Perfect Little Monsters, Twisted Little Things and The Ghost of Longthorn Manor.



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