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The Last Thing Mary Saw (2021) has been in my Shudder cue for a while because sometimes Shudder Originals are dreadful (more often than not, especially the newer ones). When I decided to rip off the bandage, I promised myself I wouldn’t finish it if it fell into that category. Much to my relief, it did not.

It is the tale about Mary (obviously), who is having an affair with the maid, Eleanor. As a quick side note, Isabelle Fuhrman played Eleanor, known for her role in The Orphan. Mary and Eleanor are punished for their disgusting behavior by kneeling on rice. Well, they don’t stop their romance and devise a plan to break free of the matriarch. 

I love historical horror fiction (probably why I wrote darkness is coming), and this hit the mark for me with creepiness and bizarre events. Judith Roberts is fantastic as The Matriarch. She has that look of the stereotypical witch. While she rules with the word of God, there is something sinister about her.

5 Stars

I loved The Last Thing Mary Saw and gave it 5 out of 5 Stars.

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