The Johnsons (The Maydale Hauntings Series) by Wisteria D. Jones #Horror #ShortStory Review

The Johnsons is a quick frightening ghost story that I stumbled upon and thought I should tell you about. Short stories sometimes leave me feeling underwhelmed with underdeveloped characters or stories that are boring. The Johnsons isn’t one of those.

From the first two or three paragraphs, I immediately knew each character, the setting, and that the entity in the house was very much present. The vividness of the story has left me unsettled and delighted all at the same time.

5 Stars

If you’re looking for a quick read to give you a scare, definitely give The Johnsons a read. I give it 5 out of 5 Stars.

About The Johnsons

“Don’t be scared, mommy. She won’t hurt us. She just wants to take the baby away.”

Fearing that the evils of the world might taint her precious children, Natalie has decided to try the homeschool approach to educating the next generation of her family. It’s worked out well so far for her eldest daughter, Susan, but as Natalie discovers that her child has developed a strange relationship with an invisible friend, things soon take a turn for the worst.

A jealous firstborn might be all it takes to successfully offer a newborn babe to a vengeful spirit.

The Maydale home is no place for happy endings, and a string of deaths has cursed all who live within it. Will the Johnsons get to the bottom of this mystery, or die trying? It’s anyone’s guess in a house with a history of violence and death.

About Wisteria D. Jones

Wisteria D. Jones is an avid writer currently living and working in Ibaraki, Japan.

Wisteria is currently self-publishing all of her works onto Amazon, but hopes to grow enough one day to get her own editing/publishing team to oversee her creations. Currently, the words and ideas are flowing almost too fast to handle. All critiques and criticisms are welcome, as they will only help the author grow into a better writer.

Wisteria also maintains blogs and articles on her official website, and creates content on other social platforms as well. As of 2019, Wisteria has wrapped up her 9 series on Amazon and is working on new projects.


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