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The Initiation (1984) is about Kelly going through hell week to join a sorority. Meanwhile, she’s had reoccurring nightmares since childhood and is working with Peter to do dream analysis. To get into the sorority, she and the remaining pledges must get into her father’s department store (it looked like a Mall to me)  and steal the guard’s uniform. Well, the prank goes amock when Kelly gets locked inside by the head sorority sister, Megan. 

I complain about modern movies dragging on, and I must mention this one does too, but not for long. There are several scenes where nothing happens besides revealing a layer of information needed to understand what is happening. (Yes, that’s my excuse for it in this movie.)

The kills are good, with a good amount of 80s blood flowing. The jump scares are fun and made me giggle because I fell for them. Then when everything ties together, it’s fantastic to know that Kelly isn’t crazy as I thought, and the killer wasn’t who I thought either.

3.5 Stars

The Initiation is a fun film from the 80s that shouldn’t be forgotten. I gave it 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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  1. Nice review. I have to say I’m a bigger fan of the old 1930s and1940s movies. They have a creep factor that more modern movies seem to lack. One of my favorites is The Bat, with Vincent Price. Granted, it’s more mystery than horror, but it’s still well worth a watch.

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