The Influence (2019) #HorrorMovie Review

The Influence (2019) has a Gothic horror style that drew me in from the minute the family stepped foot on set. The house is super creepy and unforgettable with classic haunted house decor. The only actress I recognized is Claudia Placer, who played Irene in Verónica (2017) and is Sara in this one. She is an excellent young star that America better watch out for in the future.

theinfluence_pThe creepiness of the story begins right away, and as I watch, everything that is happening in the house and with the comatose grandmother entranced me. When they start adding in flashback scenes from Sara’s mother and aunt, I was horrified by their mother’s demented behavior. Sara has a psychic connection with her grandmother that she doesn’t question and begins doing everything the ailing woman tells her.

The only thing that I wasn’t 100% on board with was the end. I’m still not sure I like how the creators wrapped it up, though, I can’t think of anything better at the moment that they could’ve done.

3.5 Stars

I enjoyed The Influence and gave it 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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