I’ve seen The Immortalizer (1989) several times and then don’t think much about it for years until I see it listed again. It’s almost a typical teen horror film with slight differences that you have to see for yourself to understand what I mean.

The Immortalizer posterThere are many details that I don’t like about this film, and the biggest one is the voiceovers when the patients receive their new bodies. It doesn’t make sense because they didn’t transfer the voice box, only the…not telling. The maniacal facial expressions of Dr. Divine crack me up though that is the only saving grace of the actor, Ron Ray. I’m sure he was a super nice guy in real life, but this role ruined him for me.

When I saw this recently, it occurred to me that this film inspired Jordan Peele’s Get Out (2017) as the theme is remarkably identical. While he changed it from using teenagers to people of color, it’s still the same.

3 Stars

The Immortalizer has its moments of awesomeness, though they are fleeting. It’s an OK film, so I gave it 3 out of 5 Stars.

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