The Final (2010) is about a group of misfit teenagers who seek revenge on their abusers. We all know teenagers can be horrible creatures, turning into some nasty adults, but not all of them. Sometimes when I see a film like this, I get flashbacks to good ole high school days, and I’m thankful that I never got caught with some of my revenge actions.

thefinal_pThe biggest problem that I had with The Final, well besides the name, was that they spent way too much time on the bullies and their actions. I get it; they were trying to paint the scene and make me want to hate them as much as the victims.

Another thing I wasn’t impressed with was the use of guns. There was no need for them; enough other stuff was going on, including having the kids chained that guns were excessive and lazy. I liked the costumes the “victims” wore at the party, then changed into different masks once the bullies were in custody. That was probably the best part, well besides the gore.

The theme for 2010 horror movies must have been making choices, like Choose (2010), making the “bullies” decide what to do to someone else. And when The Final ended, I still wasn’t impressed. It was like they didn’t know where else to go and figured that’s as good as an ending as any.

The Final fell flat for me, and I give it 2.5 out of 5 Stars.

The Final let me feeling bored and empty. It could've been so much better. Click To Tweet

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