The Droving (2020) was on my 2020 Horror Movie watchlist; at least I can get some of them watched thanks to Amazon and Netflix. For those who don’t know, droving is the practice of walking livestock over long distances.

The DrovingFor being an 80-minute movie, I was concerned with my boredom at 13 minutes into the film. At that point, I told myself to give it ten more minutes before switching it off. I’m glad I did because I would’ve missed some creepy and strange happenings.

Daniel Oldroyd plays Martin, a man who returns from the armed services to find out what happened to his sister; he was in Hex (2017), another cool indie horror film from the UK. Throughout The Droving, he checks his heart rate, old school style with a finger on his throat while he counts, and watches his wristwatch. I don’t understand why he needed to do this, but he did.

The thrills aren’t hard-hitting, but that didn’t matter, the content made up for it. The lore that they introduced to me was interesting as I’d never heard of it before; I’m not checking to see if it’s real lore or made up for this film.

3 Stars

I enjoyed The Droving but can give it only 3 out of 5 Stars.

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