The Devil’s Machine (2019) #HorrorMovie #Review

The Devil’s Machine (2019) is the story of the first ‘Real Doll’; just kidding, kinda. Hex Studios took a long time to make this movie, and I don’t if it made it any better. The acting is super stiff, maybe it’s a Scottish thing, I don’t know.

The Devil’s Machine (2019)Jamie Scott Gordan Brendon Cole seems to be trying to mimic Alexandra Hulme though the roles are completely different. She’s extraordinary as Talia, the Inferno Princess. Her staccato movements are brilliant and I give her kudos for being able to sit so still for so long.

The backstory told via written text read by Cole and Rose is bizarre and almost ill-fitting the way it’s presented, the period costuming is delightful, but I really want something to happen though it’s only been a few minutes, how is she cursed?

The strange dreams and/or hallucinations are super creepy and when Cole and Rose begin to act out the past, it becomes surreal. The unexpectedness of the movie kept me interested even with the stiff acting and gave me hope for the horror genre.

4 Stars

If you get the chance, watch The Devil’s Machine, it’s quite impressive. I give it 4 out of 5 Stars.

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