Christopher Walken stars in The Dead Zone (1983) as Johnny Smith. Brooke Adams is also in this as Sarah Bracknell; she’s been in a ton of movies and always reminds me of Margot Kidder without the whiskey voice. And I cannot forget to mention Tom Skerritt, who I think has been in everything since 1962.

The_Dead_ZoneAs with many Stephen King adaptations, this is a little corny, which I don’t remember being present the first time I saw this. Then again it was the 80s, so there was that fine line between cheese and corn. Or maybe King’s books are truly corny if you think about it.

The ability to see things by touching an item or a person has always been a superpower that I’ve wanted, but after watching The Dead Zone again, I’m gonna have to think of a new one. I’ve always liked this film, though of course, the book is better.

3.5 Stars

If you get a chance to see it for the first time or again, I recommend The Dead Zone and gave it 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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