Sometimes dead is better is not a quote from The Craft: Legacy (2020) but what should’ve happened when Blumhouse sat down and decided to make this travesty; allowed the The Craft (1996) to stay the way it was. Also, you know the movie/book that’s from. I hope.

thecraftlegacyIn this bland kinda remake of the super cool 1996 original, I was bored and couldn’t figure out why they didn’t do anything new or make it as cool as the original. Then again it is Blumhouse, who I think their slogan should be, “Making Horror Boring Since 2000.” I’ve seen a number of their films and have had the same thought with each of them. Maybe, I should take the hint and not watch any more of their productions because I’m not going to be happy.

1 Star

There’s nothing to say about this film, except, don’t bother. I gave it 1 out 5 Stars.

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