While The Burning (1981) has much in common with the Friday the 13th franchise, it isn’t an exact copy. The cheese level alone makes this 80s Horror Classic worth watching. And as standard with the era, there are boobies and a strange musical score. When the blood started to flow, they weren’t stingy about it, and I loved how they faded to red instead of black when those scenes ended. Even Cropsy’s make-up is exceptional.

The BurningThe film stars Brian Williams as Todd one of the camp counselors, but he’s not the actor that I was surprised to see (I didn’t remember who was in it, I haven’t seen this since the 80s). Jason Alexander with hair is in this, as well as Ned Eisenberg and Fisher Stevens. Oddly, even as young adults, they weren’t much different in style for their later roles.

In these types of movies, I always have questions about how things happen, and The Burning is no different. One second Cropsy is in the city after getting kicked out of the hospital, the next he’s in the woods stalking Camp Stonewater. Or, how exactly did he get down river so quickly? And where did he get a blow torch? I know. Silly me with all the questions.

3.5 Stars

I really liked The Burning and think you will too. I give it 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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