For some reason, I thought The Black Gloves (2017) was a remake, but I am mistaken. I thought that because of the film Lord of Tears (2013) that has the Owlman. This film is the prequel to that and connected to The Unkindness of Ravens (2015), all of which were directed by the Scottish low-budget horror film director Lawrie Brewster.

The Black Gloves posterThe strangeness of The Black Gloves is similar to Lord of Tears. The story is about a psychologist who searches for a ballerina who disappeared after a tragic event during a performance. Of course, he finds her, and that’s when the delightfully bizarre world is brought to light.

This film is an excellent display of psychological horror as the psychosis in the house spreads to the good doctor. And let’s not forget the Owlman, who lurks outside the manor, watching, waiting for something. I’m not sure what his cue is to enter, but when he does, it’s the edge of your seat stalking that I found excellent. His costume is creepy too.

Another thing I loved about The Black Gloves was the cinematography. The angles are superb with limited special effects.

4 Stars

If you haven’t seen The Black Gloves, you need to. I gave it 4 out 5 Stars.

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