The Binding (2020) (Il Legame in Italian) is a masterful cinematic delight. It begins with a brutal ritual followed by Italian text giving a brief history of binding; thank the celluloid gods there were English subtitles. That out of the way, they jump to the present with a couple and a child going to a strange house in the country where his mother lives.

The BindingThe women who live at the house seem to be witches, and it’s unclear whether they are good or bad right away. Sofia’s mother thinks them to be bad after the girl gets sick…I will leave it there. I hate spoiling it for you.

The Binding is filled with suspense and intensity. Its visual effects mainly rely on camera angles and lighting, then Sofia pulls something out of her mouth and I’m grossed out. Even the minimal makeup effects are perfect for this film, adding to the visual appeal.

As the story progresses, things become clearer, but not completely. I don’t understand some things, but I don’t care because what I’m witnessing is fantastic.

4.5 Stars

Have you seen The Binding yet? If not, I think you should. It’s on Netflix so check it out. I give it 4.5 out of 5 Stars.

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