#thursthreadsVermillion clouds blazed in the morning sky as shades of purple nuanced to the west toward the glowing moon. The air stung their cheeks as they trudged through the brush. Neither spoke, but the chill wasn’t responsible for freezing words in their throats; anything said would sound trite or obtuse, igniting the war between them again.

Karin’s legs complained, demanding a break, but she had no intention of being the one to end their truce. Frank, her self-proclaimed protector, was responsible for her discontent. Her eyes flitted to his dark silhouette a pace to the left and front of her. Things were tense, but she’d been doing fine on her own before he insisted on breaking into her life, turning it the color of the clouds.

As though he had felt her gaze, he glanced back. The mean scar trailing down from lip to jaw contrasted with the sparkle in his dark eyes, sending an extra chill across her spine. Did he smirk? She couldn’t tell as he quickly turned his attention back to the path at his feet.

No longer able to suppress her discomfort, she said, “My legs ache.”

“That makes two of us,” he answered, his baritone voice warming her. He slowed, allowing her to walk beside him. His chin jutted out, pointing to their destination. “But, I’d rather rest inside the cabin. If you’re too feeble, I can carry you.”

“Don’t touch me.” Charging forward, she took the lead. “I can manage just fine.”

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