I’m not sure if I can find the words to tell you how much I enjoyed this movie, but I will try. The Cabinet of Caligari (1962) not to be confused with The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920); while they share a similar name and have similar twists, I don’t consider it a remake, though it is. Robert Bloch, author of one of my all-time favorite books and movies, Psycho, wrote the screenplay. It follows a theme that Bloch seems to be attracted to, and I’m not complaining.

This movie is filled with some of the most bizarre scenes and twists that I’m in awe. I see a lot of Hydrangeas on the Lanai in it, though, I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen The Cabinet of Caligari before, it is a possibility that I have. This movie never came to mind when I was writing Hydrangeas, I was of the mindset of Neil Simon’s Murder by Death (1976). Like I’ve said in previous Throwback Thursday posts, we watched a lot of B-Movies when I was a kid, so this might have been one.

While The Cabinet of Caligari is not perfect, it is a delight for the mind. The beginning scene cracks me up because she’s driving on the highway and gets a flat, but when she gets out of the car, she’s on a dirt road. I love the elements of Gothic Horror in this movie, and the camera angles and the way they twist and turn, then go to freeze frame, and a creepy layer of psychosis. Then suddenly the Nine Inch Nails cover of the Queen track, Get Down, Make Love, pops into my head; I always wondered where the voice sample came from (well not enough to look) at the beginning of the track, now I know.

The Cabinet of Caligari is a wonderful film, and I can’t tell you enough that if you happen across it in your video service, watch it, you will not be disappointed.

I give this one 5 out of 5 Stars!

Just for fun, I figured I include the Nine Inch Nails video.

[media_video id=”826b252da231e1a54fc08bcae82d2f90″ url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v‹´›wtI1c0Yu-PQ” hide_on_desktop=”false” hide_on_mobile=”false” animation_on_scroll=”{‹²›animation_enable‹²›:‹²›no‹²›,‹²›yes‹²›:{‹²›animation_type‹²›:‹²›fadeIn‹²›,‹²›animation_delay‹²›:‹²›0‹²›}}” _array_keys=”{‹²›animation_on_scroll‹²›:‹²›animation_on_scroll‹²›}” _fw_coder=”aggressive” __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”6a4382f886d45542cf582e1bf3655170″][/media_video]

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