Anne Francis stars in Forbidden Planet. Woah oh, oh oh oh. At the late night double feature picture show. – Science Fiction Double Feature, Rocky Horror Picture Show

Normally, I don’t review SciFi movies, but this is one that I stumbled upon in the guide and couldn’t not watch it again for the thousandth time. It’s amazing the things that Star Trek stole, I won’t say what, you need to watch it to find out.

This is one of those amazing movies with fantastic effects that if you haven’t seen you need to. It’s got Leslie Nielson as Commander John J. Adams, which was his first lead role, but not first acting gig. Seeing him doing something non-comedic is always a treat.

Oh, and did I mention, Anne Francis stars in Forbidden Planet? I hope that song gets stuck in your head like it is mine a lot. The scene with the animals is some of the weirdest stuff ever filmed. It’s obviously superimposed, and if you look close you can see the tiger is transparent in a few places. The ship they are in is wonderful, I kept looking for strings, but they did an amazing job hiding them.

The set. The set, I love it. The backdrop with the moon is beautiful, the 50s chic décor in the house. And let’s not forget Robby the Robot. There are two robots that I’ve always loved, and he’s one of them; the other is The Robot from the original Lost in Space TV Series. The last thing I want to mention from this amazing movie is the score; it’s strange and wonderful, fitting perfectly into this delight.

I give Forbidden Planet 5 out of 5 Stars.

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