It’s amazing how influential movies are in today’s culture. Every time I walk into a Hot Topic or even World Market, there are bits of these guys flooding the shelves, especially at Halloween. And I also see the copy-cat aspects in other movies.

Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) is always something to watch when it’s on. I wish I could’ve seen it in the original 3D, but 2D is great. The Gill-man is definitely an ingenious costume made mostly of rubber, I’m glad I didn’t have to wear because I’ve known people who’ve worn rubber fetish wear, and the smell that comes from them after a while is unpleasant. The way they ease the audience into seeing the creature is great with only the hand at first.

Richard Carlson as Dr. David Reed is a delight to watch, showing his dominance over Richard Denning, Dr. Mark Williams; I think he knows Mark has a thing for his girl, and that he’s an asshole. I remember watching these movies as a boy, but I don’t remember the innuendo. The sexual tension between the two of them is enormous.

Julia Adams is sultry and sexy in everything she’s in, and her portrayal of Kay Lawrence is no different. Her wanton flirting between David and Mark is gonna get her in trouble. The Gill-man is a pervy voyeur, creeping around under water, watching her swim, then touching her. Like I said before, Mark is an asshole, he shoots at the creature for no reason; dude, you’re in its home, and I’m glad he died in the end, sorry for the spoiler.

Based on the time, I understand the introduction starting Frankenstein (1931) given by Edward Van Sloan (yes, I googled who it was) warning the viewers of what they were about to see. I’m sure people’s sensitives were touched each night.

How did Dr. Frankenstein’s name become Henry in this film? Very strange. It’s like they pulled his name apart and gave the first to Victor Moritz, a friend, who acts like he wants Frankenstein’s fiancé, Elizabeth, for himself. This movie has so many good things about it, like the drama faces leftover from silent films.

Boris Karloff is amazing as the monster. My favorite scene has always been with the little girl near the water where he throws her in expecting her to float. His franticness of not knowing what to do when she doesn’t float is touching.

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