I’m on the fence of what I consider this movie, but I’m definitely leaning toward “gross out.” Bug (1975) is filled with nasty, giant cockroaches that start fires. They came from deep under the earth and have obviously mutated. There’s not much that makes me queasy, but cockroaches hit high on that short list; I twitched through most of the movie, like I did with They’re Creeping Up On You from the anthology film Creepshow (1982).

Bug is a total B-Movie and the acting is magical. When Carrie reads the recipe out loud, I chuckled, but it quickly turned to bile creeping up my throat as one of the lovely cockroaches crawled up her neck into her hair, then the glee returned with her hair catching on fire. I’m not sure what was more hysterical, her initial reaction to being on fire or the obvious stunt double; love it, love it, love it.

The thing that made this grotesquerie worse was the sound of the bugs eating raw meat. Sylvia screaming with bugs covering her, biting, burning, then killing her is absolute greatness. The worst part of this movie for me was when the cockroaches started flying, making sounds like demented seagulls.


If you’re scanning through the channel line-up and you come across this gem, definitely give it a go. It’s not the best the 70s had to offer, nor was it the worst. I give it 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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