#TBT #HorrorMovie #Review – Rawhead Rex (1987)

You’ve got dirty eyes. Anyone ever tell you that? Howard Hallenbeck

Rawhead Rex (1987) is one of those bizarre horror movies that at times left me shaking my head. I do enjoy it, it is filled with cheese, and who doesn’t love cheese? I’ve read the short story more than once, and I always empathize with Rawhead Rex’s plight; poor guy is misunderstood.

It is a typical 80s monster flick with good costuming and makeup, though the acting is rough like it was trying to be a B-Movie but tried too hard and failed. The tension is all right, though it could’ve been stronger with the anticipation of Rawhead coming. Maybe, I’ve read the story too many times, because I thought it was predictable, so that’s on me.

The trailer park cracks me up, because I’ve never envisioned Great Britain having them; I guess it’s grittier over there than I ever dreamed. There’s a lot of great stuff in this movie, like the stained glass in the church with the strange creature and when the sun shines through it just right it makes red beams. Another is Jenny growling at a man, then she cries. And probably the funniest is when Rawhead assaults the trailer, breaks the window, rips the woman’s blouse off, then pulls her through the window. The ending is great with blue lights flashing, swirling, and just being awesome.

If you’re looking for a quirky 80s horror flick, then this is a great choice. I give it 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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