I remember hearing that they were filming a movie in the old State Prison in Rawlins, WY when I was a teenager, I don’t think I heard more than that. When I came across Prison (1987), I’d completely forgotten about any movie being filmed in my home State at time, then it all came back to me as I started watching.

Prison has an interesting story about an inmate who was executed in 1964, then they close the prison and, for whatever reason, decide to reopen it over twenty years later. The spirit of the prisoner who was executed is seeking revenge on the current warden; yeah, kinda like Nightmare on Elm Street and the later 80s film, Shocker.

While I enjoyed most of Prison, there were bits that felt like they just didn’t know what to do and needed to fill space to reach 90 minutes.

Prison isn’t anything special, but it isn’t bland either, and I give it 3.5 out of 5 Stars. If you come across it, check it out, it has a young Viggo Mortensen.

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