#XMasHorrorMovie Review #Christmas – Black Christmas (1974)

The Christmas festivities have officially started, and the malls will be packed more than normal with people looking for everything they don’t need. This, my friends, is something that you absolutely need to see, and don’t waste your time with the remake. Black Christmas (1974) featuring the ever-lovely Margot Kidder is the only version you should ever see.

Black Christmas is strange, haunting and a delight to the eyes. From the first scene to the last, there is something amazingly intense happening, making this one of the best slasher films to be made. The killer is never seen, except for hands and an eye, but his voice, when he speaks either while making one of his calls to the girls in the Sorority House or when he’s ranting to himself, is so fucking creepy, I get chills.

The best part of this movie was that at the end, none of the haunting questions posed in the movie were answered, which in my mind meant a sequel was sure to come, but no nothing, leaving a perpetual cliff hanger. This edgy Christmas movie is one of my favorites and I give it 5 out of 5 Stars.

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