January 9, 2020

What do these have in common… lightning rods, Fig Newtons, escalators, ballpoint pens, and Vaseline? Cherry 2000 Anyone care to chance a guess as to how many times I’ve seen Cherry 2000 (1988)? I think it exceeds twenty, but it could be many more. The thing that surprises me the most about this film is…

December 19, 2019

Another post-apocalyptic film from the 1980s many tend to snub is She (1985), staring Shandahl Bergman and David Goss. This epic journey is completely amazing and feels like a continuous dream that changes from one strange reality to another; think Alice in Wonderland with a lot more LSD. I remember watching this one on VHS…

September 24, 2019

Watching you flirt is like watching a car wreck. Artik It’s no wonder I never get everything on my list watched, because it seems like new stuff gets added every day, and today’s addition is Artik (2019). I’m getting the thing that bugs me about this film off my chest right away, and that’s the…

August 26, 2019

I assumed with Alyson Hannigan in the cast that You Might Be The Killer (2018) was going to be a comedy/horror film or at least be campy with some good cheese, and I wasn’t disappointed. When I started watching, I was enamored with the way movie began, and then it got better. Camp Clear Vista…

August 16, 2019

Today is Madonna’s birthday, so I figured I’d throw together some reviews of a few of her movies. I hear the question in your mind, How is a horror author and fan a Madonna fan? The answer is simple. She’s fabulous. Inspiration comes from so many places, adding to the strange and interesting facets of…

August 8, 2019

The 1980s produced so much cheese that it’s hard not to get constipated. At least I, Madman (1989) didn’t cause any backups even with the cheese meter hitting pretty high. The thrills and chills were strong, especially when they played with camera angles and used tricks with shadows. I, Madman has an uncanny resemblance to…

July 31, 2019

I have a thing for dystopian movies because they have a great mix of science fiction, action, suspense, and horror. I saw Escape From New York (1981) when I was a kid, and vaguely remember bits and pieces of it. The one thing I remember from my first viewing was the terrifying thoughts of how…

Daughter of Illusion


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