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  • Lucky (2020) #Thriller

    lucky banner

    Lucky (2020) is a strange thriller about May, who has a masked stalker that breaks into her house every night to kill her. It’s along the lines of Groundhog’s Day. Even her husband is aware of the killer, telling her that the man is trying to kill her. That was very odd when it happened […]

  • Dementer (2019) #lowbudget #horror

    dementer banner

    Dementer (2019) is not what I thought it was going to be, but it’s been on the list for a while so I might have forgotten why I added it. It’s about Katie, who leaves a cult and gets a job taking care of special needs adults. The strangeness of this film kept me watching […]

  • Here Comes Hell (2018) #Vintage Style #Horror

    Here Comes Hell (2018) is annoying with the black and white and the horrible filter used to make it feel like an old film. That aside, it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen, not the best either. A group of friends goes to a mansion that has seen better days because their friend from […]

  • The Prey (1983) #80sFlashback #Horror

    The Prey

    The Prey (1983) hits it out of the park with bizarre scenes and blood-curdling screams. It opens with a scene of a forest fire that happened in 1948 and for me, it could’ve been shorter because it didn’t really add that much besides time to the already short film (80 minutes). Then it jumps to […]

  • Spiral: From The Book of SAW (2021) #NotSoGreat #SAW #Horror

    spiral man in finger trap

    I’ve been apprehensive about seeing Spiral: From The Book of SAW (2021), well, because of Chris Rock. I don’t picture him in horror or anything too serious. His first scene proved that point, and I contemplated turning it off. I’m glad I didn’t. Backing up a bit, the movie starts with a cat and mouse […]

  • The Immortalizer (1989) #Lost80s #Horror

    The Immortalizer Surgery Scene

    I’ve seen The Immortalizer (1989) several times and then don’t think much about it for years until I see it listed again. It’s almost a typical teen horror film with slight differences that you have to see for yourself to understand what I mean. There are many details that I don’t like about this film, […]

  • Waxwork (1988) & Waxwork II: Lost in Time (1992) #Cheesefest #Horror


    Waxwork (1988) is one of the strangest anthology films I’ve ever seen. It begins as a horribly acted teen horror flick, then progresses into something good and unbelievably amazing, though the acting doesn’t improve. It’s weird. I don’t remember Zach Galligan’s acting skills to be so bad in Gremlins. It’s also a remake of sorts […]

  • Death Room by R.P. Healy #Horror #Story #Review

    Death Room

    Death Room is a short story by R.P. Healy, revolving around Edward, a lonely office worker looking for something extreme. He takes to watching pay-per-view snuff films on the internet and finds himself experiencing what he’s viewed. Yes, this story is not for everyone with hardcore content, including murder, sexual content, and rape fantasies. Those […]

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