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  • At The Devil’s Door (2014) #HorrorMovie Review

    At The Devil’s Door (2014) #HorrorMovie Review

    At the Devil’s Door (2014) has been on my watch list for a while, and when I finally found it among the million channels I have from my TV services, I was excited to see it. Too bad, my expectations were set way too high. You’d think from the poster on its own that it […]

  • My Little Sister (2016) #Survival #LastGirl

    My Little Sister (2016) #Survival #LastGirl

    My Little Sister (2016) stole from so many movies in this sub-genre that I wished I had a bingo card as I watched because I would’ve gotten a blackout. A group of friends goes camping in the woods while not heeding warnings to not pitch a tent there. Well, that’s how the description goes, but […]

  • The 13th Friday (2017) #Curses #HautedHouse #Horror

    The 13th Friday (2017) #Curses #HautedHouse #Horror

    I’d been wanting to see The 13th Friday (2017) since I heard about it a few years ago, and I finally found it on Tubi. I base a lot of what I want to see on the poster or the little burb, when I do watch trailers, I take them with a grain of salt […]

  • Minutes to Midnight (2018) #Slasher #Revenge #Horror

    Minutes to Midnight (2018) #Slasher #Revenge #Horror

    Minutes to Midnight (2018) has an interesting cast, including William Baldwin, Richard Grieco, John Hennigan, and Bill Moseley. Then there’s the young adult cast who, of course, don’t heed the warnings to go home. Their involvement was for slaughter as expected. The whys of the film come rushing in quickly and everything was answered with […]

  • American Fright Fest (2018) #Slasher #Delight

    American Fright Fest (2018) #Slasher #Delight

    American Fright Fest (2018) was one of those movies that I figured, I’d start watching and if it got dumb, I’d turn it off. I have to tell you it wasn’t one of those after all. It starts out with a bang and continues the momentum throughout. The gore level is exceptional and the effects […]

  • I Trapped the Devil (2018) #Dark #Thriller

    I Trapped the Devil (2018) #Dark #Thriller

    I Trapped the Devil (2018) isn’t what expected and that is a huge thing for me. There are so many films made recently that are just an attempt to remake something and put a new name on it. This one wasn’t like that. Matt and Karen go to visit his brother, Steve, over Christmas to […]

  • Vivarium (2019) #Psychological #Thriller

    Vivarium (2019) #Psychological #Thriller

    Vivarium (2019) follows Tom and Gemma as they search for the perfect home, starring Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots. The developer they visit is kooky and has them follow him to the subdivision several miles out of town. All the houses are the same, just like the song Little Boxes by Malvina Reynolds, except they’re […]

  • The Final Scream (2019) #LastGirl #Horror

    The Final Scream (2019) #LastGirl #Horror

    In The Final Scream (2019), Kia Anderson is desperate to make her debut in the film world. While she can’t land a role, she doesn’t give up, turning to an online service her agent warned her not to use, getting a part she’s been dying for. This film has a prolonged start, well, almost to […]