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  • Dementer (2019) #lowbudget #horror

    dementer banner

    Dementer (2019) is not what I thought it was going to be, but it’s been on the list for a while so I might have forgotten why I added it. It’s about Katie, who leaves a cult and gets a job taking care of special needs adults. The strangeness of this film kept me watching […]

  • Choose (2010) #HorrorMovie Review


    Choose (2010) has an interesting premise that they could’ve done so much more with than they did. It begins with a family being abducted in their home (something that baffled me was how the intruder got inside), and the daughter must decide to either kill Mom or Dad. If she refuses to kill either, then […]

  • The Farm (2018) #Survival #Horror

    So this might sound strange, but I found The Farm (2018) kinda hot. I can’t give more details because I’m not sure why. The story is so overdone. I should’ve turned it off because it wasn’t anything new. And the acting, well, let’s just say, I’m glad most of the characters didn’t speak behind their […]

  • Here Comes Hell (2018) #Vintage Style #Horror

    Here Comes Hell (2018) is annoying with the black and white and the horrible filter used to make it feel like an old film. That aside, it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen, not the best either. A group of friends goes to a mansion that has seen better days because their friend from […]

  • All Hallows Eve (2013) #Anthology #Horror

    All Hallows' Eve - b

    All Hallows Eve (2013) is an anthology film that starts with atrocious acting, which actually continues whenever the babysitter and the kids she’s watching are on screen. I take that back. None of the acting is great, but that doesn’t matter. It’s a great collection of content. The first sequence introduces Art the Clown. I […]

  • The Redwood Massacre (2014) #HorrorMovie Review


    The Redwood Massacre (2014) made me nervous when I started watching it, as so many horror films do in this millennia, and being on Amazon Prime; it was a total crapshoot. As the movie progressed, I knew I was in store for a bloodbath, and in a good way. There’s so much blood, almost to […]

  • 30 Miles From Nowhere (2018) #Twisted #Thriller

    30 Miles From Nowhere

    30 Miles From Nowhere (2018) is a film I found on Shudder, and the less than ten-word description intrigued me. So as I always do, I figured what the hell? I can always turn it off. Based on the title, limited description, and poster art, I assumed it would be a slasher film with middle-aged […]

  • Freaks (2018) #Dark #SciFi #Thriller


    Freaks (2018) is an unexpected thriller that I’ve had lingering on my watch list for a while. I’m not sure it’s technically horror. It’s more like a strange post-apocalyptic film with a large amount of bizarro mixed in. Maybe, even like A Quiet Place (2018). Well, that was the beginning. Then the further I went […]

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