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  • The Mother of Tears: The Third Mother (2007) #Witches #Horror

    The Mother of Tears: The Third Mother (2007) #Witches #Horror

    The Mother of Tears: The Third Mother (2007) nicely wraps up the 3 Mothers Trilogy, the first being Suspiria (1977) followed by Inferno (1980). I still don’t understand the connection between the three films, but I enjoyed each of them. I enjoyed the monsters at the beginning and the strange voice that helps Sarah Mandy […]

  • Queen of the Damned (2002) #Vampire #Boredom

    Queen of the Damned (2002) #Vampire #Boredom

    For some reason, I never saw Queen of the Damned (2002) until recently. I remember all the drama around it, including Aaliyah’s death, and I think that’s why I never bothered. Based on the title, I thought it would be more about Akasha than it was, and I kept looking at the female cast, thinking, […]

  • Darkness (2002) #HorrorMovie Review

    Darkness (2002) #HorrorMovie Review

    Darkness (2002) isn’t what I expected. It has the standard weird, haunted house vibe that builds throughout the film, but it also has a Dan Brown feel. The mystery of what is happening slowly reveals itself with an exciting twist. The effects are nothing special, but the camera work is wonderful. I always love weird […]

  • Ginger Snaps (2000) #HorrorMovie Review

    Ginger Snaps (2000) #HorrorMovie Review

    Ginger Snaps (2000) has been on my list to watch for a long time and for some reason, I kept putting it off. First off, let me tell you, the acting is below Daytime TV, so don’t expect much in that area. But what is lacking there is made up with a storyline that was […]

  • What Lies Beneath (2000) #HorrorMovie

    What Lies Beneath (2000) #HorrorMovie

    What Lies Beneath (2000) is what I call horror-lite with big-name stars (Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford) that was distributed by DreamWorks Pictures, and produced by ImageMovers. This movie is so bland at the beginning that I wanted to punch myself for even turning it on. There isn’t a hook at all. At least that […]

  • Lost Souls (2000) ##HorrorMovie

    Lost Souls (2000) ##HorrorMovie

    I don’t remember ever hearing about Lost Souls (2000) until someone mentioned it on Twitter, so I put it on my find list. I thought it might have a chance since it quoted Deuteronomy Book 17 after the opening credits, and it has Winona Ryder and John Hurt, so I figured there’d be a chance […]

  • Clive Barker’s The Plague (2006) #HorrorMovie Review

    Clive Barker’s The Plague (2006) #HorrorMovie Review

    Clive Barker’s The Plague (2006) is not based on Clive Barker’s writing, but he produced it, so he got to put his name on it. And truth be told, I probably wouldn’t have put it on the watch list had it been for his name, and that would’ve been my loss. This is an unexpected […]

  • Cry_Wolf (2005) #HorrorMovie Review

    Cry_Wolf (2005) #HorrorMovie Review

    Based on the title I kind of thought Cry_Wolf (2005) was a werewolf movie, then I saw the movie poster, and I knew it wasn’t, then it turned into a slasher movie, but ended up as a teen “revenge” movie. The opening scene gave me hope that it was gonna a great slasher film, too […]