Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf
June 10, 2021

Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf (1985) sort of starts where The Howling (1981) ends with Karen White dying after she’d transformed into a werewolf. After the flashback scenes end that’s all forgotten. I find it interesting that this is based on Gary Brander’s novel The Howling II when nothing like this happened in…

Beyond the Gates
June 7, 2021

The idea of Beyond the Gates (2016), a Jumanji style horror movie, on the surface appears great, but as the movie crept along, I was disappointed. Not everything was bland, though. Like the opening credits music with its 80s flair or the few gore effects. Both of those were good. Oh, and the acting was…

The Crucifixion
May 24, 2021

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I came across The Crucifixion (2017). I had a baseline understanding of the premise based on the short blurb; a woman investigates a death that happened during an exorcism in Bucharest. The scenes with the possessions and exorcism were exciting, too bad they scattered those bits throughout…

Escape Room
May 17, 2021

Escape Room (2017) is the first of two movies with the same name released in September 2017; the other had Evan Williams, while the one I saw had Skeet Ulrich. From what I got from watching the trailers for both, they are essentially the same movie. When I first started watching the film, I was…

Night Visitor
April 29, 2021

Never Cry Devil performed by Willy DeVille is the opening credits theme song, which was the original title of Night Visitor (1989), and I’m left wondering why they changed it, especially since it makes more sense. I couldn’t help noticing that this cheese-fest is very similar to Fright Night (1985) except with Satanists in suburbia….

April 15, 2021

Besides the cheese level, Madman (1982) doesn’t have much going for it. The way it began with people exchanging scary stories around a campfire, I expected much more. I thought it interesting, though, that there was a Lizzy Borden reference. They even added a clever reference to King Arthur, too. I didn’t understand why a…

April 12, 2021

They Live Inside Us (2020) showed up in my recommended list on Amazon with a 3.6 Star rating on IMDB. I did more of a background check on this one than I do most movies and discovered that it’s an adaptation of episode #4 of the Witching Season anthology series, whatever that is. The opening…

Moon of the Wolf
April 8, 2021

Moon of the Wolf (1972) was a made for TV movie that tried really hard, and I don’t know, maybe, if I’d seen it when I was two, I would’ve been terrified. It amazes me what, compared today, what was shown on TV; some of today’s TV shows are much more violent and gruesome than…

Daughter of Illusion

The Horror of My Life