April 1, 2020

Today is the first day of my 30 Days of Terror where I am spotlighting some of my favorite Horror Movies of all time. Since I love Edgar Allen Poe’s stories, I figured that I’d start the month with adaptations of the Tell-Tale Heart. These are two classics that are different in the way they…

August 29, 2019

Universal Monsters have always had an impact on me, I’ve seen most of the movies, but not all are as intriguing to me as The Wolf Man (1941). This movie isn’t the first werewolf movie, but the most memorable. In fact, I don’t think I saw Werewolf of London (1935), maybe, I’ll put it on…

August 22, 2019

I cannot tell you how many years it’s been since I’ve seen The Invisible Man (1932), and I’d forgotten how wonderful this adaptation is. The effects are ingenious. When he takes the bandages from his head, it’s breathtaking. If they were to do it today, it’d be all CGI and gross. I love Una O’Connor,…

August 1, 2019

I have the knack of finding some of the strangest “horror” movies ever made and Dead of Night (1945) fits quite nicely into the slot. It’s a British anthology film with an Alfred Hitchcock/Twilight Zone feel. Not all the stories in this film are frightening, well, actually, none of them are, but that’s not to…

November 15, 2018

The original Cat People (1942) is a great film. Simone Simon is delightful, and Jane Randolph, wow, such the little tart in this one.The story is interesting, which is about a race of people who are shapeshifters, and change when they are sexually aroused or angered, which is why Irena won’t sleep with her new…

Daughter of Illusion

The Horror of My Life


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