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  • The Mutilator (1984) #HorrorMovie Review

    The Mutilator

    I don’t understand why film names change after the fact or in the middle or whenever. The Mutilator (1984) a.k.a. Fall Break, should’ve stuck with the latter as it makes more sense. OK Productions is responsible for this movie, and it wasn’t even that, to be honest. I can get past bad acting, marking it […]

  • Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1989) #80sFlashback #Horror

    Sleepaway Camp 3

    Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1989) is one of those films that I wished I didn’t watch because it wasn’t really worth the 90 minutes. At least for consistency, they used the same actress, Pamela Springsteen, to play Angela. There are parts of this film that are absolutely disgusting and verged on soft porn, let […]

  • Itsy Bitsy (2019) #HorrorMovie Review

    Itsy Bitsy banner

    Itsy Bitsy (2019), as you probably can guess, is about a spider, and you’d think it’d be frightening at the same time. Or at least give some creepy feelings along the spine. Well, it is and does. Sometimes. And I bet you know the nursery rhyme. This film is from Shout! Studios and their stuff […]

  • #HorrorMovie Review – The Evil Within (2017) #PromoteHorror

    A friend recommended The Evil Within (2017) because of the retro-style effects, so I figured what the hell. How bad can it be? Well, let me tell you. The beginning of the movie felt like Tim Burton walked in, then realized he was on the wrong sound stage. As promised the Claymation effects were cool, […]

  • #Zombie #HorrorComedy Review – The Dead Don’t Die (2019) #PromoteHorror

    The Dead Don’t Die (2019) is another that I added to my 2019 watch list, and I wish I had left it off. I figured since it stars Bill Murray and has a nicely star-studded cast that it’d be worth my time. Wrong. It’s just weird and not really funny. I get black comedy aka […]

  • #HorrorMovie Review – Pet Sematary (2019)

    Gaslighting is manipulating someone by psychological means into questioning their sanity. That is how Pet Sematary (2019) made me feel; not to single out this film, most remakes make me feel this way. I know the story, I’ve read and seen it several times, yet as I watched I began questioning everything that is true. […]

  • #XMasHorrorMovie – The Elf (2017)

    The Elf

    Merry Christmas! Please don’t spoil the joy of the season by watching The Elf (2017). The story’s concept isn’t horrible, and maybe if they’d had a larger budget, it could’ve been better. The opening scene led me to believe there’d be so much more, but the few moments didn’t last long. The acting…well, let me […]