Sweet Sixteen (1983) has a feel similar to Sleepaway Camp (1983). It stars Dana Kimmel of Friday the Thirteenth fame and a cast of other familiar faces who seemed out of place for me in their roles here, the biggest being Bo Hopkins.

sweet sixteen posterThis film revolves around Melissa Morgan, who’s moved to town with her parents. Her father is an archaeologist, and her mother was from there. Every time she shows interest in a boy, he ends up stabbed to death. Of course, the redneck bigots of the town think it’s the Native Americans, but law enforcement doesn’t.

The gore and suspense in this film are at a reasonable level and not overdone. And the revelation of the killer adds a great twist as I thought it was someone else.

3.5 Stars

Sweet Sixteen is a fun relic that should be dusted off. I gave it 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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