Stung (2015) is a romantic horror comedy, and as I began watching it, I kinda rolled my eyes because it felt like a total rom-com; I always have the option of stopping it and pretending it didn’t happen if it gets too gross.

Stung PosterA little more about the beginning

It’s a typical beginning with a couple going into the country, they aren’t a couple couple, but Paul (Matt O’Leary) wants them to be, Julia (Jessica Cook) is a caterer, and he is bartending for a lawn party at an old estate. This part is very cheesy and I almost turned it off. When a large wasp flew into the scene, I couldn’t.

Enter the Murder Wasps (some spoilers)

The murder wasps infiltrate the party, infect some humans, and then morph into giant wasps, shedding their human skin. A small group, the Mayor, the hostess, the son (Sydney), and, of course, our couple make it inside. The hostess is infected and changes, and then it kills the maid. Sydney, the mayor, and the couple hideout in the cellar.


My first question is how it happened. In Empire of the Ants (1977), it was explained, but this turns out to be like Birds (1963) with no explanation of what caused the phenomenon. I kept thinking, maybe, they’ll get to it, but they never did. I don’t think I missed anything at the beginning.

My second question; why didn’t they attack in the daylight? Wasps aren’t very active when the sun isn’t up.

Even with my questions, Stung is a well done gross-out film with spectacular effects (well, except the CGI wasps in the daylight aren’t that great) and a perfect musical score and sound effects. And they didn’t waste a lot of time with build-up, this one gets going rather quickly.

4 Stars

If you’re looking for something to give you another reason to hate wasps, Stung is the perfect film for you. I give it 4 out of 5 Stars.

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