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Student Body (2022) was so dull that I wondered why students must wear school uniforms but the teachers don’t. The first twenty minutes (yes, I tortured myself for the entire thing) were high school drama with a mean teacher and a jock that did five pull-ups to get the honor of being the school mascot. No stabby-stabby yet.

With fifty-five minutes left and still nothing happening, I wonder why I give so much time to shit films. I mean, I do have the option of turning it off at any time. Then a group of friends broke into the school. I guess they are the main cast, but I kinda lost who was who by this point. I don’t understand why they’re there since they hate the place. The longest four minutes of my life pass, and I, again, wonder why I’m torturing myself. 

Finally, with 44 minutes left, something happened, and it was bleh. They didn’t show the aftermath of the kid getting bludgeoned with a sledgehammer, and the blood was too thick. Thankfully, it picked up from there; well, kinda, but by now, I’m just numb. Then it hit me. This film is a weird version of The Breakfast Club (1985) with a survivalist thing happening. 

2 Stars

Even after the kills started, Student Body couldn’t show me a good time. I gave it 2 out of 5 Stars.

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