I’ve been apprehensive about seeing Spiral: From The Book of SAW (2021), well, because of Chris Rock. I don’t picture him in horror or anything too serious. His first scene proved that point, and I contemplated turning it off. I’m glad I didn’t.

spiral posterBacking up a bit, the movie starts with a cat and mouse chase with a cop and a purse snatcher that the cop follows down a utility hole. The “puzzle’ the cop finds himself in is accurate for SAW and satisfied my gore needs.

When there wasn’t SAW-action, it was on the bland side with Spiral. The story behind it wasn’t anything I haven’t seen on Chicago PD or any other police drama from the past few decades. The ending is where the best parts came with an exciting twist that left it open for another sequel in this already overloaded franchise.

3 Stars

I enjoyed Spiral, but not as much as others in this series, and I gave it 3 out of 5 Stars.

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