I watched Speak No Evil (2022) because Shudder posted it on Instagram. As I’ve said before, Shudder’s films sometimes aren’t the best but not as bad as Blumhouse tends to be….anyway. I promised myself I’d turn it off if it didn’t grab my attention immediately. (I know I always do that but end up watching garabage.) This time was different.

I was curious why Bjørn and Louise accepted the strange offer to visit a family they met while on vacation. I can’t say that I would’ve. I guess their curiosity got the better of them because they went. What they found there was bizarre, with a definite sinister edge that I couldn’t figure out, which is always excellent. 

When the pieces came together, it was a delight to know that I wasn’t just toyed with, and something wicked was there all along.

4.5 Stars

Speak No Evil is a must-see. My only criticism was that the captioning wasn’t always there when someone spoke a non-English language, but that wasn’t bad. I gave it 4.5 out of 5 Stars.

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