I vaguely remember seeing Society (1989) on VHS, and as I watched it again, I was happy to be reintroduced. It’s about wealthy people and their role in society, feeding off the lower classes. Yes, it’s a political film, well, kinda, but not like some of the newer ones that smack you in the face with the politics and forget that it’s supposed to scare you.

SocietyPosterThe bizarreness of this film is off the charts, but at least it adds to the movie and makes the horror more rememberable. As Bill begins to put the pieces together of what is happening, he is not on board. It’s almost like he was adopted because his sister has no problem with it at all.

The effects are expected for 80s horror and are an absolute delight to see; yeah, no CGI, and it’s scary. The story does have some weak points, but nothing that killed it for me, and then we come to the ending that is as unnerving as what happened throughout the film.

4 Stars

Society isn’t your everyday horror and is one of the higher-ranking films I’ve seen, and that is why I gave it 4 out of 5 Stars.

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