Based on the title I kind of thought Cry_Wolf (2005) was a werewolf movie, then I saw the movie poster, and I knew it wasn’t, then it turned into a slasher movie, but ended up as a teen “revenge” movie.

Cry_WolfThe opening scene gave me hope that it was gonna a great slasher film, too bad it didn’t stay great. I don’t mean to say it didn’t have some great moments, it did, but not enough to wow me. The game they played was definitely like something I would’ve played in high school or college, and been one of the first eliminated.

I still don’t know how I feel about Jon Bon Jovi acting; he wasn’t horrible, it was just strange for me. I like the prank of creating a fictional serial killer and his kills, then emailing it to the entire school. At times, I wasn’t sure if it was a continuation of the prank or if there really was a killer, so I give them kudos for that. Unfortunately, if you’re gonna market as a Slasher, you better slash and give me gore.

2 Stars

That being said, I can only give Cry_Wolf 2 out of 5 Stars.

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