I came across Terrifier (2017) by accident. I had no idea what it was, except from the short description provided by Netflix, and the creepy image of a mime-like clown. I’m glad I found it and watched it as Terrifier is one of the most amazing slasher flicks I’ve seen in a long time.

Having a B-cast didn’t hold this movie back. And the wonder and delight started in the first fifteen minutes, and I didn’t have to wait. The joy I felt, when the survivor of an attack by Art the Clown the year before pounced on the TV reporter for being a mean bitch, hit an all-time high after watching so many boring so-called “horror” movies.

And that was only the beginning, Art the Clown hadn’t even been introduced yet. His menacing entrance was chilling, pasting a smile on my face, trying to match his. He reminds me of Knight of Buckets (obviously flipped) from my Circus Tarot Trilogy, and I kept thinking things like, There’s nothing wrong with Clown Fun, it’s not like anyone really dies; something the Page of Buckets would said to Mary and Darrin.

I have to give props to David Howard Thornton, who I hadn’t heard of until watching Terrifier, then again, he hasn’t been in much. Him as Art the Clown is amazing; the poses, the faces, just WOW. I love how the character is versatile with his killing methods, and if he doesn’t get to have any Clown Fun, then he just pulls out his gun. Throughout the entire film, Art never makes a sound, even when one of his victims fight back, he just pulls a face and carries on.

Him making faces at the young woman in the restaurant scene was so creepy that I wanted to run out of there. At one point, there is a tender moment with Art and the crazy lady, proving that everyone needs love and affection, even a psychotic Clown.

I bet you have already figured out that I’m giving Terrifier 5 out of 5 Stars. You absolutely MUST see this movie.

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