I came across Aterrados (2018) – Terrified for those us who don’t speak Spanish – by accident while looking for something to watch. I hadn’t heard of it or anything about this Argentinian film. The short description of it didn’t give me much, but the movie poster intrigued me, so I figured, What the hell? I can always turn it off it sucks.

Well, suck it did not. From the opening scene to the final sequence, Aterrados kept my attention. The imagery alone made it unnecessary to have sub-titles, which is great in any foreign film. That way you don’t need to rely on words appearing on the screen to know what is happening.

The movie is dark and menacing, and it had more than one sphincter-clenching moment. Even in the soft moments, I wasn’t bored because the foreboding was thick as was the creepiness. They waste no time showing the antagonist(s) as the mystery behind them unwinds at a nice pace. What exactly they are, I don’t know, but Cenobite kept coming to mind every time I saw one.

The portrayal of each character, for me, was strong, and I felt the terror and anguish of each one as they came and went from the screen. The special effects were excellent as was the musical score keeping time with the movie, both feeling natural in the film.

Of course, there was one thing that didn’t seem to fit the way it should’ve, but I won’t hold it against this film. I give Aterrados 4.5 out of 5 Stars.

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