I love it when people say, ‘OMG, you have to see this film,’ and then don’t tell me why just see it. That happened with Séance (2021). So with blind faith, I turned it on.

Séance posterThe beginning piqued my interest with young women in a dormitory bathroom telling a ghost story. I assumed it would be a haunted house film, but what it turned out to be was so much better.

The creepiness of this film was off the charts. The ghostly encounters and jump scars were incredible. Then as the story progressed, I realized that one of the characters was responsible and not a ghost. But who and why? They answered everything in the end and revealed other tidbits of information that I didn’t expect.

4.5 Stars

In other words, OMG, you have to see Séance. I gave it 4.5 out of 5 Stars.

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