Elizabeth Harvest (2018) is another of those movies that never hit my radar in 2018, and was recommended to me to watch by a follower. As the film began, I had the distinct feeling that I was viewing an adaptation of my short story Before He Returns, like the creators used the same writing prompt that I did. The theme is where the similarities stop. This story takes a turn that is delightful and completely different from what I wrote.

Elizabeth, a beautiful, supermodel looking woman marries an older tycoon, Henry. Watching her, I sense that she’s grossed out by him (she almost shudders when he touches her), and I wonder why she married him. He gives me the creeps like a perv that won’t leave you alone in the club.

I think since Eve was tempted to taste forbidden fruit in Eden, humans have been cursed with curiosity when banned from doing something as is the case with Elizabeth. Of course, she’s going to go into the room Henry says never to enter. And like Eve, Elizabeth is punished for her disobedience.

The gore effects were unexpected, but welcomed with open arms; so much blood. I like being surprised, and Elizabeth Harvest definitely gave me some shocks. Even when I thought it was going to turn into a Happy Death Day, it flipped around and showed me something brilliant with an excellent science fiction flair.

The music is crazy as are the sound effects, one, in particular, was terrific. Imagine the chilling sound of a machete slashing and chopping flesh and bone that transitions into the scrapping of a shovel digging into the soil. You have to hear it.

Now, the bad news. The use of split-screen was on the distracting side, especially when they displayed a single character in both frames. One other thing was on the arduous side, and that was the filling in the backstory. It was too much at once, but I couldn’t say how else to do it to make it easier to take.

Even with minute things that bugged me, I liked Elizabeth Harvest a lot, and give it 4 out of 5 Stars.

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