#SciFi #HorrorMovie Altered (2006)

Alien abduction revenge seems like a good idea. Who wouldn’t want to get revenge on the jerks that probed you? But as Altered (2006) shows us, it’s not the best thing to do. Somehow Wyatt was altered when he was on the spaceship, while one died and the others were returned to earth with only the memories.

Altered I was expecting much when I started watching this, but I was surprised to find it not horrible. The alien costume wasn’t much more than someone in a rubber suit, which reminded me of the Creature of the Black Lagoon. The make-up and effects were good, too. I was even impressed with a spaceship that was beyond my expectations, though it was only shown for a few seconds.

3.5 Stars

If you find yourself looking for something to watch, and come across this one, I recommend watching it, and give it 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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