Welcome to Day 6 of my RRBC “SPOTLIGHT” Author Blog Tour! As always, I am thrilled to have you join me! A huge THANK YOU to RRBC and to my awesome host!! I sincerely hope you’re enjoying this fun tour!! Cause I sure am!!

I have a special treat for you today. I am sharing an excerpt from my upcoming book, THE POWER OF LOVE. So please enjoy! And don’t forget to share your thoughts below!

Another week had passed with even more snow. A blizzard actually. It was time for Scarlet to venture back out, while the snow wasn’t falling and the sun was out. She needed to replenish her food and water supply.

Just like before, she bundled herself up and headed for the nearest store, all the while keeping her head down.

She easily made it to the store, with no determent. She began gathering the necessities and was surprised to step back into someone. It was like deja vu.

“It’s you! I didn’t think I’d get to see you again. Please don’t run away.”

It was that same man. Too shocked to move, Scarlet stands there, for the first time looking in his eyes. Deep blue eyes that could pierce one’s soul. She continued to stare.

“I’m Lucas. And your name?”

Without thinking, still mesmerized by his eyes, she replies, “Scarlet.”

“That’s a beautiful name, Scarlet. I must ask. Sights of you are rare, being this is such a small town. Why have I never seen you? Did you recently move to Belmont?”

She blinked back into existence, afraid of where the conversation was going. “I’m sorry, I must hurry.”

He gently grabs her arm, pulling for her to stay. “Please don’t. I don’t know when I’ll see you again. Let me buy you some coffee or dinner or… anything.”

Scarlet smiled but shook her head, regretfully declining his offer.

“Okay, how about this? You have a cart full of groceries and are obviously in a hurry. But, I really would enjoy spending time with you. I’m intrigued by these odd encounters we keep having, and the fact that that’s the only time I see you. There’s a nice, quiet cafe just across the street. Tomorrow, if you’d like, meet me there at 4. I promise I’m a gentleman. Just coffee. If you’d like dinner, though, I would be more than happy to oblige. It’s been a pleasure making your acquaintance, Scarlet. I hope to see you soon.” The man, Lucas, then turned to walk away, leaving Scarlet standing alone, still in shock.

That night, back in the abandoned apartment, sleep didn’t come easy. Scarlet’s mind kept racing. She was drawn to the kind man, his eyes called for her. She couldn’t deny how nice he was, how much a true gentleman he seemed. But she’d been fooled before. Only this was different. He was different.

Eight months had passed. Eight excruciatingly long months. She hadn’t been found yet. Perhaps she was free. Free from her past, free to live her life.

What harm could a cup of coffee cause? Coffee. It’d been so long since the taste of coffee had touched her lips. It could be good for her. Both the coffee and the company.

The decision was made. Yes, she could do it. She should do it. She’ll meet Lucas at the cafe. She’d allow herself at least a short time of enjoyment.

Hopefully, it wouldn’t be the mistake that would risk her freedom…

Book Blurb:

All she wanted was a fresh start.

Eight months ago, Scarlet made the choice to leave the prison she called home, and to escape the man that put her there. She had made a new home for herself in the small town of Belmont, Montana. The abandoned apartment was far from luxury, but she was better off, away from her past life.

She never expected to meet Lucas, the local hero and town’s only doctor. She didn’t expect to enjoy the small town life. She didn’t expect her past to catch up to her.

Will she risk it all? Risk revealing her secrets at a chance of love? Will she be forced back into the life she hated? Will she gain control of her own destiny?

 Available Spring 2017!!


Author Bio:

Author Marlena Smith is a true Southern Belle at heart. Her home has always been in Alabama and she couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Growing up as a preacher’s daughter, faith and family played a large part in her life.

Her earliest memory of writing was that of 2nd grade when she was selected to attend the Young Author’s Conference in her home state. Little did she know then that her future was being mapped out.

Today, Marlena is an Author, Freelancer, Book Reviewer, Researcher and Secretary of Rave Reviews Book Club. She may wear many hats, but her passion remains with writing. That’s where her heart is and that’s where she feels she belongs. She has several works in progress, including an upcoming short romance, THE POWER OF LOVE, expected to be out in Spring 2017.

Until then, you can check out some of Marlena’s writing in the RAVE SOUP FOR THE WRITER’S SOUL ANTHOLOGY, available on Amazon.


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  1. Yay, Scarlet! You go girl!
    Marlena, I really like her and look forward to following her journey. Thanks for sharing this with us. 🙂
    Thanks, Charles, for the warm welcome.

  2. Charles, thank you so much for hosting me on your awesome blog. I greatly appreciate all the support you’ve provided me! 🙂

    • It was my pleasure to Host. I hope you have a great release for The Power of Love.

  3. Now that’s a tantalising glimpse, Mar. Look forward to hearing more about Lucas’ mesmerising eyes! 😉
    Thanks for having us all over, Charles! 🙂

  4. A tantalizing glimpse into ‘The Power of Love’, Marlena. I’m looking forward to grabbing a copy when its released. Thanks for hosting today, Charles.

  5. A tantalizing glimpse into ‘The Power of Love’, Marlena. I’m looking forward to grabbing a copy when its released. Thanks for hosting today, Charles.

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