#RRBC Review – Waterlilies Over My Grave

Waterlilies Over My Grave to me was a gothic romance, having most of the elements of the classic genre. The plot and tempo of the story is amazing. I enjoyed the perils, and creepiness of the stalker.

The heroine was strong even though she said/thought “oh bother” a lot. Her plight of leaving a marriage filled with angst and pain was clear from the beginning. She moves from New York to a small tourist town, Lake Nager, WI. The more I learned about Annie, the more I wanted to know, and I still don’t think she told all her secrets, which is fine, it could mean a follow-up with the character.

At the beginning, we quickly learn about the antagonist, the ex-husband, who takes his wedding vows seriously. And though Annie has divorced him, it matters little to him. Out of all the characters, he is one of the strongest.

Enter the “hero”, Mark, the brooding cop who meets Annie as her first therapy client in her new setting. It took me a while to get a visual on him, actually, I’m still not sure what he looks like. And, for someone who was born and raised in Wisconsin, he has the, on the verge of annoying, catch-phrase “bloody hell”. Sorry, that turned me off, because it didn’t fit him. It felt as though, the author wanted to refrain from using strong cuss words, so went with that for what he would say; I have family that live in upper Wisconsin and none say “bloody hell”.

Then came some geographical bizarreness that made me lost as I was driving or walking with the characters or watching them in and around Lake Nager. What drove this wonderful story down to 3 Stars for me was the abundance of editing problems, and inconsistent formatting (paragraphs flipped from justified to unjustified).

All-in-all it was a good read, and if you are looking for an edgy romance, this is the book for you.

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