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Revealer (2022) starts with a preacher waking in a room with a TV showing his televangelist show. Then something comes for him. To make this film feel right in the 1980s, the creators put some hair band music in the background as a young woman walks to a payphone. The main characters, Angie, a stripper, and Sally, a Jesus freak, denounces the strip club (Revealer).

How the characters are portrayed nail the 80s vibe, though I expected the acting to be much worse, which was a relief that they were good. As the story progresses, everything that Sally preached outside the club comes true, and she quotes random Bible quotes during the movie. The two women are trapped inside peepshow booths and figure out how to get together to get into the tunnels below.

The creepiness and strangeness of this film are incredible, as are the minimalistic effects. The one thing I wasn’t impressed with was Asmodeus, but for a low-budget movie, it was adequate. The ending left questions, and that’s OK. I don’t need to know what happened after the final fade to black.

Revealer is a great film that you should check out. I gave it 4 out of 5 Stars.

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4 Stars

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