#RetroHorror – The Video Dead (1987)

Sometimes I come across a train wreck and can’t stop watching it. The Video Dead (1987) is one of those movies, and I still can’t believe I watched it to the end. It is different from other zombie movies, where cutting off their heads doesn’t kill them, but if you trick them into thinking they are dead you have a chance of rotting in the elements. The only way to kill them is to trap them somewhere they can’t get out, then they will self-destruct. Oh, and don’t show fear because they will kill you. They don’t eat brains or turn people into zombies with a bite, either.

For a direct to video release from 1987, this movie has some interesting concepts. The worst part of this movie is the acting, it is definitely a ‘D’ cast. The Video Dead is beyond low-budget, the soundtrack is funny, and there’s a few 80s tracks that are awesome; the one that sticks out the most was Everyday is Saturday Night performed by Candy. Some of the good bits, are the “Garbageman” who kills the woman who’d come to seduce Jeff; he also warns Jeff about the creatures that come out of the TV. Again, the concept is pretty good, and had they had a better budget might have made the movie better. They seem to have spent most of the money on makeup and costumes for the zombies.

As bad as it was, I’ll still give it 3 out of 5 Stars, it had enough redeeming qualities to keep me watching.

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